My Mother, Sister (left) and I (right)

The Pamela Collection Story

The butterfly, a timeless yet vibrant creature that so effortlessly glides through the air with ease. It intoxicates you with those lovely long wings and prestigious markings that denote which type of butterfly it is. They seemingly are the epitome of how beautiful nature is in all its complexity. Transformed through metamorphosis, a caterpillar rests until it naturally matures to what we know as a butterfly. 

My Mother loved butterflies, specifically Monarchs. She had three tattooed on her ankle with all her children's names wrapped around. She exemplified a butterfly herself. Growing up, she was always so exuberant and everywhere she went she turned heads with her charisma and bubbly appearance. She was classy, put together and down to earth. She was infatuated with fashion and always strived to look elegant and sophisticated. She was the ideal 'Mom'. She not only translated her luxurious ideas through fashion but the décor in our home. I specifically remember this amazing Jaguar glass table and large model prints that hung on our walls. She had a keen eye for making spaces very appealing and mature yet she always kept the light vibe of French countryside present.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end at some point in time. I lost my mother to her addiction to drugs when I was 10 years old and forced into foster care. When I mean lost, I actually mean fell into the deep trap of addiction, homelessness and she eventually disappeared. I have not spoken to her in many years, yet wonder how she is. Although it was hard growing up without the woman who was my best friend, it has given me reason and passion to push through all of the trauma my sibling and I endured as children and seek a better life; One that I can create through my own doings. 

This specific collection, is in honor of my mother, although long gone in my eyes, her vibrant character is forever embedded in me. I find myself forever idolizing the woman I once knew. Those are the memories I want to remember. For whenever I see Monarch's flying around I think maybe it is her saying "Hello".

I hope you enjoy this collection of carefully hand picked décor furnishings that remind me of who my Mother was and that showcase all of the natural countryside beauty she captured in her ways of self expression. 



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