About Us

Hello, My name is HaileyAnn & welcome to my Home Décor Boutique! 

I grew up in the East Bay Area where I found my escape from the fast paced city life through exploring the outdoors, specifically Briones on horseback getting lost in the pure beauty of the green rolling hills, songs created by the birds and luminating presence of the open spaces. These instances influenced my vibrant perception of life through variations of patterns, textures and shapes. The natural tones of untouched stones, fields of wild flowers and grasses while breathing in all the fresh air have given me a keen insight on the flow we can bring into our homes and Feng Shui that creates a sanctuary. Along with being in the construction industry, I was able to find passion in the architecture and assembly of buildings, which allowed me to delve into my passion of interior design further. Piecing different mediums together in various spaces is where I find most of my enjoyment, for me it is a puzzle of aesthetic appeal. This décor shop brings together my passion and love for interior design and beautiful objects. I hope you enjoy the carefully curated pieces I have decided to showcase for your enjoyment. enjoy !